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Timeless Champion James “Lights Out” Toney


Powerful and evasive inside the ring; explosive but certain outside of it, James “Lights Out” Toney has 29 years of fights won against all odds and at every turn.

Why We Hate Boxing


There’s nothing worse for a fight fan than watching a poorly scored fight that causes a fighter to lose a title surrounded in controversy. 

Who’s Your Favorite Fighter?


Everyone has a favorite fighter and knows exactly why. For some it was Joe Louis who showed the Nazis who ruled the world when he defeated Max Schmeling and united the U.S.

Ward Will Decision Kovalev Again


Ward Stops Kovalev

At 2:38 in the 8th round of this fight, Kovalev was hurt during a clinch with Ward.

Why We Love Boxing


Boxing is ingrained in world sports history. I’ve been watching and writing, asking and analyzing since 1987.

Saturday I’ll be ringside watching fights again at the grand daddy of all venues: The Garden.

Metropolitan Opera 2016-17 Season Rebroadcasts


If you’ve ever listened to a song that takes you back to a moment in your life, as it touches you with a cacophony of sound like no other,

My Own Brand of Journalism


I became a professional journalist in 1984. Holding a notepad and a pen still give me a reason to be in a lot of different places.

Theres No Such Thing as Writer’s Block


Writing is All in Your Head

Limit distractions while writing. Turn everything off. Theres really no such thing as writer’s block.

Will Heavyweight Boxing Be Back in 2015?


UFC Fills in the Boxing Blanks

Where is Don King and how has he let the Ultimate Fighting Championships mixed martial arts replace boxing as Americas blood sport?

The 10 Things Shark Tank Investors Demand


Entrepreneurs don’t always know whether a business, product or service will sell because many don’t have business backgrounds.

Passion for a start-up can be short lived for those who are misdirected by blurry,